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    . Child malnutrition is one of the world's most important problems, affecting thousand of children worldwide and with severe consequences for their health and education. The lack of a good nutrition leads to school absenteeism and learning disabilities , endangering the future of these children.

    Zerca y Lejos believes on the importance of education as the base for real change. That is why we want to improve this children's nutrition, giving each one of them a full breakfast every day at our preschool centers. Help us make this come true!

    Today, 26.3% of Baka children from three to six years of age are at risk of acute malnutrition, and over 50% of them suffer from chronic malnutrition with growth disorders. In Cameroon, many children are lacking access to breakfast every morning, which often translates into worse school performance and even absenteeism. On the long run, this situation leads to social problems for the children.

    Feed the education of the Baka pygmy children of the south of Cameroon.

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