Through the Education Plan, which began in 2003, we seek to guarantee access to a quality education for all children in southern Cameroon, with particular emphasis on the Baka ethnicity and the most disadvantaged families.



We believe that education is the perfect tool to achieve integration and equality between the Baka boys and girls and the kids from other ethnics. Thus we consider that the classroom is the perfect space to work on coexistence since childhood and on an education in values of equality, which are our best bet to achieve a fairer society.

Our approach is to develop a sustainable educational project in the long term, capable of covering the broadest possible range of kilometers, villages and children. The main purpose is to ensure access to education for all children of the Baka ethnicity and to facilitate their access to higher education on an equal basis as the rest of the children of southern Cameroon.

The children of today are those who will defend their dignity as individuals and as a community tomorrow.

We want to give these young people the possibility to choose a decent future, without losing their customs and traditions, which are reinforced and supported in the Community Preschool Centers invigorated by teachers of the same ethnic group.



  • School and Children's Home in Bengbis. It allows schooling in boarding school for Baka children and children at risk of social exclusion. It includes support for secondary education in boarding schools in Ebolowa and Yaoundé.

  • Community Preschools. These centers aim to generate schooling habits in children and families, and to ensure a foundation of knowledge and skills that allows a better integration into the primary school education. Students are reinforced in traditional knowledge of their ethnicity.

  • Primary schools in Djoum y Mintom. More than 500 pupils in the Primary Education Schools in populations with a high influx of Pygmy boys and girls. It includes the project of Civic Centers for the development of leisure activities for young people, which offers a healthy alternative to alcoholism.

  • Primary school in N’Drock. We detected the urgent need to keep open the school of N'Drock, the only school operating in the Tourou region, which provided services to more than 600 boys and girls. This school in the Far North of the country is a glimmer of hope in an area ravaged by Boko Haram terrorism.

  • Shelter for minors at risk. It is carried out in in the Great Djoum area, in the presence of various cases of children in an extreme situation of risk and abandonment.

The most promising horizon on which we can dream is that today's Baka boys and girls can become the actors of their own development. We all work tirelessly towards this goal.

Furthermore, in line with our commitment to solidarity, mutual understanding and social justice, a strong bet for volunteering and education for the development in education centers emerges in Madrid.

  • Education for the Development. This awareness project and action in Spanish educational centers, which follow the lines of the Strategy for Education for the Development of Spanish cooperation proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, intends to generate critical thinking in the children of the twinned schools which we work with.