Within the Infrastructure Plan, we pursue the objective of providing the population with basic infrastructures for access to drinking water and sanitation, enabling their efficient development in all areas.



Access to water and sanitation is absent in the department of Dja et Lobo in southern Cameroon. Currently, Zerca y Lejos is present in several towns in Djoum, Mintom and Bengbis, carrying out sanitary and educational activities in which the infrastructures providing potable water and sanitation do not exist or are not operational.

In order to guarantee the access to water and sanitation, and the integral approach of our actions, we work because all this populations should have infrastructures and adequate mechanisms guaranteeing this human right. For this purpose, several infrastructures have been constructed on clinics, schools for primary education and community preschools, in those areas where the infrastructures do not exist already, and we repair the ones which are not operational.

In order to ensure that these infrastructures are functional, we are working on the implementation of a system of control and maintenance through the formation of a team to ensure it on the field.

Since Zerca and Lejos arrived in Cameroon, we have carried out projects on water supply through refurbishment works of springs and the construction of wells with hand pumps and cisterns.

A mapping of all water points, that was carried out in 2007, is being used to prioritize interventions according to the need and feasibility of the implementation.

In the future, we aim to achieve the minimum standards of Basic Habitability marked by UN-HABITAT. We work to strengthen the educational side of our projects, so that the beneficiaries are not mere spectators of the project but become a fundamental part of it.


  • Water and sanitation. It guarantees access to drinking water and sanitation in the populations of southern Cameroon.