Do you want to make change possible? We invite you to collaborate with Zerca and Lejos for the dignity of all people.

Become a partner

Our partners are our livelihood. Thanks to the economic collaboration they carry out each month, Zerca y Lejos can carry out the cooperation projects that allow development in the most disadvantaged areas of Cameroon and grant dignity to its population, being completely independent of any institution and body.


If you prefer a punctual donation, you will play your part in making change possible. Your help is proof of your confidence in our work.


The cornerstone of our NGOD are the volunteers who join us every year to work with us on a common goal: accompaining the most disadvantaged peoples on their struggle for dignity. There is a lot of work to do, we are waiting for you.

Do you own a company? Do you work as a teacher in a school and do you want your students to learn values of solidarity? There are many other ways to collaborate with us, we invite you to take a look at the different ways of supporting the projects of Zerca y Lejos ONGD.

And you, want to join ZyL?