You are just one step away from collaborating with us in making the world a fairer place. Become a partner of Zerca y Lejos ONGD.

Become a partner

You are just one step away from becoming a member of Zerca y Lejos ONGD, to be the cornstone of our organization, thanks to which we can carry out each of our projects. Being a partner of our organization means much more than economic support: it means believing in the struggle for dignity for the most impoverished in our planet. Every new parter is a heart that joins us in this cause.

In Zerca y Lejos we reject to do campaigns of membership recruitment on the street. We believe that your decision to join us has been made because you came here with the willpower of making this world a better place. If something has hurt you and you want to be part of the solutionthis is your place. Any doubt, contribution or opinion that you want to share will be heard because, today, this amazing project will be yours as well as ours.

If you want to be partner in one of our plans (Healthcare, Self-government, Human Rights, Infrastructures, Education) or a concrete project (Dentistry, Food sovereignty, Primary Schools in Djoum...) you can write it down in the remarks section. For instance: Remarks: Refugee Smiles or Remarks: Healthcare Plan. If you want to support the general fund of this NGO, so we can use it to cover the most urgent needs of the moment, you can live the remarks section blank.

Remember that, due to the new fiscal conditions, you will be able to profit a tax relief of up to 75 % from your donation in your next income tax return (IRPF) in Spain.

If you prefer you can print our form here and sent it to our address: Sede Zerca y Lejos ONGD c/Sambara 128, 28027 Madrid.

Welcome to Zerca y Lejos. We were waiting for you.

    Please, fill in this form to become a partner of Zerca y Lejos:



    Con el envío de este formulario te facilitaremos un certificado de desgravación que te llegará al principio del año que viene por correo ordinario.

    Personas físicas (IRPF)

    . ..

    A partir de 150 euros, se aplicará el 30% en la declaración si es tu primera donación y el 35% si has donado en los dos ejercicios anteriores.

    Personas jurídicas (Impuesto de Sociedades)

    Te desgravarás el 40% en la declaración del último año si has donado en los dos ejercicios anteriores o un 35% si sólo has colaborado este año. Por ejemplo, si donas 300 euros en 2016, te desgravarás 120 euros si has colaborado también en los dos años anteriores y 105 euros si tu primera donación es la de este año.

    Esta mejora fiscal no aplica al País Vasco ni a Navarra, que mantienen una deducción del 20% y del 25% respectivamente del total aportado.

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