Zerca y Lejos is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to Development.. Somos puente entre personas, sociedades y culturas.

Our work is carried out in several points around the world. From "Zerca", our headquarters in Madrid where a large number of volunteers work hard to ensure the greatest possible success and impact in our "Lejos" projects, mainly in Cameroon.

Our main goal is to guarantee the recognition of the dignity of all human beings and to improve their quality of life by providing the necessary tools, knowledge, infraestructures and support.

Somos una estrecha red de voluntarios cameruneses y españoles de todas las etnias y creencias, that work together towards personal dignity. We work hand by hand with indigenous populations in the Cameroon's forests to seek the recognition of their Human Rights, as well as access to health care, safe drinking water and quality education.

We strongly believe that the smallest local actions have a global impact. Therefore, we work tirelessly so that our day-to-day actions contribute to make our world a fairer place.

If you wish to know more about us, we invite you to check out our strategic plan and statutes.

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