nuestro contexto: los pigmeos baka


Since 2001 Zerca y Lejos has been operating in a difficult context with the Pygmies of the Congo River basin and more specifically the Baka Pygmies of Southern Cameroon, who find themselves in a situation of extreme difficulty.

The lack of recognition of their fundamental rights, unequal relations with other ethnic groups, lack of access to health and education, destruction of the natural environment, devastating and poorly controlled extractive industry... All these factors have led these populations into despair and abandonment in many cases..

Baka pygmies have been expelled from the jungle in which they have lived for centuries and now face an uncertain future, with many obstacles in their way. For this reason from Zerca y Lejos we are working without rest for the empowerment of this pygmy community. But we are only a support due to the fact that they have to choose for themselves where this new path will lead them..

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