At Zerca y Lejos we have a purely organic structure, where all our members have an essential and irreplaceable work.


Zerca y Lejos is formed by a close network of Spanish and Cameroonian volunteers. One of the mainstays of our organization is each person who joins us every year to work with us in a common goal, accompanying us in the struggle for the dignity of the most disadvantaged people on the planet.

We promote and motivate the fieldwork of any person with a real vocation to know another reality and to join the change. Currently, our structure is nurtured by a majority of volunteer staff, from the members of the board of directors to the plan coordinators in Spain and Cameroon. In this structure, we all have the same voice, the ability to propose ideas, promote them and carry them out.

Around us, and as a fundamental support, we find our more than 1000 economic partners, donors and collaborators, who make our work possible.

The bond that unites us all is the firm belief that change will come from ourselves, and that only by opening our minds and hearts to what's different and unknown will we be able to contribute to balancing the balance of inequality.

The best way to show our structure is through this concentric organizational chart, which reminds us of a living and dynamic planet.

Organigrama estructura Zerca y Lejos


It is the main governing body, which gives support and stability to our association. We are people who, after a period of voluntary and responsible work, are invited by another member. We want to be as large a group as possible and currently, being a total of 65 members at the moment. We meet twice a year and make all important decisions through debates and voting.


It is made up of eight members elected every four years among the members of the Assembly. They all have very diverse profiles and are responsible for giving direction to the main activities of the NGO, generating the strategic plan and taking responsibility for economic management, projects, volunteering, secretarial and legal representation. They are positions that are held on a voluntary and unpaid basis.



It coordinates information activities of Zerca and Lejos, and it's responsible for the dissemination of all our work through the web, social networks, media campaigns, communication with partners, newsletter, etc.

School awareness:

It transmits first hand the reality that we live in the field work through a program of activities in schools, university and other educational centers that involve students and teachers in the struggle for change. You can know more about these activities by clicking here.


It coordinates the drafting, formal presentation and annual selection of projects to ensure consistency and alignment with our strategic plan. It also deals with promoting them in public or private grants for projects.

Strategic alliances:

We grow because we unite, because we weave networks and support each other. In Strategic Alliances, the support of companies and individuals is sought, which goes far beyond simple economic support. We try to identify a common goal, promote mutual support and start walking together.


Framed within the group of Strategic Alliances, this group identifies, coordinates and promotes solidarity events, such as fairs, concerts, parties, initiatives in universities, the annual member meeting, etc.


Volunteering is our basis and, thanks to the large numbers of volunteers who join us each year, we can take a project forward, which otherwise it would be impossible. It is essential for our organisation, composed essentially of volunteers. You can check out the different activities which you can join as a new volunteer of Zerca y Lejos.

Secretary and Management:

The economic resources, which are always scarce, need a management without fissures, and need to ensure the legality in a scrupulous and transparent manner. From the management and secretarial group an exhaustive control of the accounts and of the sending of resources to the field is needed to be carried out.


These are our field projects, the main goal for what we work.


Knowledge makes us free, and we promote it with projects at many levels: children's homes, nursery schools, secondary education, vocational training and agreements with universities.

Infrastructure Plan:

Without access to drinking water and a decent sanitation system people cannot have a balanced development. This plan works actively to equip the areas where we work with these minimums.


From the support to primary care, to campaigns of general surgery and dental care, where the national health system does not reach, we place our professionalism and our resources. We pursue the improvement in the health status, mostly on the most disadvantaged populations.

Autonomy Plan and Human Rights:

The goal of this program is enable the communities to generate their own resources for the development which they want to achieve, improving their quality of life. We are also want the rights of over 5000 people belonging to an ethnic group at risk of extinction to be protected, contributing to a reduction of the violations committed against the Baka communities, to the creation of free, just, equitable and peaceful societies


Our work requires economic resources and financial stability to develop and have a long term impact. That is why the economic stability is our seat belt. Our over 1000 members allow us to be Non-Governmental, since the 100% of our resources are private. Signing up?


You can collaborate with us transferring an establishment, through an occasional aid, a management support, ceding some pictures, providing medical equipment and trough a thousand things for which there is always someone willing to help us. The willingness and sincerity make us grow and stronger.


There is people who one day trust us, they give us as much or as little they had and followed their path. We can talk about thousands of them ans they are indispensable. Do you want to cooperate? Everybody counts and, with that, we have come full circle.


Do you want to know some people who work in Zerca y Lejos? Meet our team.